Shri Ekling Ji

Eklingji is a religious complex of northern region of Mewar (22 km from Udaipur).

It houses 108 temples chiselled out of sandstone and marble and
this temple of Eklingji was built in 734 AD. Enclosed by high walls, it is devoted to Eklingji  (A form of Shiv Deityadored under the epithet of EKLINGA).

One of the prominent deity of the Maharanas of Mewar, worshiped as Mahadeva Chaumukhi,the quadriform divinity, represented by a bust with four faces. It has an ornate Mandap[A pillared hall] and the huge pyramidal roof composed of hundreds of knots very vividly carved and finely decorated with the coloured stones. Before the entrance in the main temple there is a beautifully sculpted huge Nandi [the sacred brazen bull who is the loyal steed of Lord Shiva] and has his altar attached to all his shrines.

The Shiva lingam is five faced and of the deity it is made of black stone and an inscription of the south wall of the temple shows that the idol was established and its pratistha (bestowal of life)  was performed by the then Maharana Raimal ji (1473-1509) . The west wars face is that of Lord Brahma. Northward is that of Lord Vishnu, Eastward is of Lord Surya the Son god, southward is face of Rudra and the upraised top is Shiva lingam, which is an embodiment of Sadashiva with Amba his consort.

The Temple is very grand and magnificent in conception and perfect in execution. The 50 ft. high Shikhar of the temple has a circumference of 60 ft. The sanctum sanctorum has four doors in all the four directions and the door steps are jutted with gems. On each gate there is Nandi (bull) statue facing the idol.

This fourteenth century shrine has been rebuilt, renovated and expanded from time to time. In the Western and southern gate the door frames are silver covered. On one side above the door is Shri Ganesh. The dispeller of all disturbances and on the other side is Shri Kartikeya ji. They hold a chowry in hands. Right towards the east, there is a drainge which joints the indrasrarova, at the extreme end of which is a Gomukha (burgoyle). Eastern gate has stone lattices to lay the fresh air and light in the west gate of the sanctum sanctorum. Sabha Mandap since the Maharana’s of Mewar are Suryavanshi (of the sun clan), hence above the western gate of the sanctum sanctorum is a sliver made image of Lord Surya. This Image is extremely beautiful and its jutted with  stones. Out of the Sabha Mandap towards the west, there is a big statute of black stone Nandi behind which on a high platform is seated another Nandi made of Asthadhatu (eight Metals).The body of the Nandi is covered with a brass layer. On this very platform the statue of the king of Mewar Bapa Rawal stands facing the east. This man size statue of Bapa Rawal with joint hands seems to be looking efforts in void as though, he was praying. This statute was established by Maharana Bhagwat Singh , the statute is so constructed that its gaze is fixedon Maharshi Harit who is engraved  the main entrance hall of the Sabha Mandap. Maharshi Harit is Seated on an aerial car. It so appears as though  Bapa Rawal were receiving the blessings of the Safe Harit by paying him obeisance.

The Glorious narrative of Shri Eklingji tells us that Shri Eklingaji has been in existence since Sat yuga. In that age Indra , the King of Goddess Nandini worshiped Eklingaji. In the Treta age, the  Kamdhenu came running to Shri Eklingji as she was afraid of Vishwamitra. She Prayed to Eklingji and the armies of Vishwamitra were defeated to the delight of Guru Vashistha. In the Dwapar age when Janamejaya performed the sacrifice of snakes, the Takshaka serpent was mortally afraid and he came to the shoulder

This Place is spiritual capital of Mewar. Perhaps in the world history, this is a rare example that the ultimate power of rule was vested with the powerful God Shiva. The Maharanas of Udaipur have ruled as a representative of Shri Eklingji. Presently the royal family has established a private trust known as Eklingji trust. Shivaratri is the main festival on which thousands of devotees come here for Darshan. During the year every Monday this temple is croweded with devotees of Lord Shiva. The main festivals other than Shirvaratri are Pradosh, Makar Sankaranti etc. During the months of Vaishakh & Shravan special manooraths are preformed here. The chief trustee of this trust is Shri Arvind Singh Mewar , the ex-Maharana of Udaipur. In his supervision dozens of officers and workers of the trust are engaged in the management of the temple and its properties.

Temple opening Timings:

Morning time: 0430 hrs to 0700 hrs and 1030 hrs to 1330 hrs

Evening time: 1700 hrs to 1930 hrs

Shri Ekling Ji is the god of the Maharanas. This temple belongs to the Maharanas and it is not a public temple. Over the centuries, the pooja of this temple is performed in a royal way and no change is possible. According to this, only the Maharana of Mewar land can perform the Pooja of Shri Ekling ji. Daily Pooja, however, is performed by the Pujaries appointed by the Maharanas.  Even these Pujaries first make a voluntary declaration that they are performing the Pooja in the name of Maharana and at the end of the Pooja, the Pujari receives the deities Aashirwad for the Maharana. The Maharana meet all the expenses of the temple.

No gifts or monetary help can be accepted there. However, if any devotee out of his emotional sentiments wants to give a donation, it is dropped in to the safe maintained by Mewar Shiva Shakti Peetha. This Money is not spent for the temple of Shri Eklingaji but for other religious and charitable activities. The Poor and Needy are also helped with this amount. A separate account of this is maintained.