Shivadol, Sibsagar

Shivadol is one of the tallest Lord Shiva Temple (180 ft tall & 195 ft diameter) in the world. It was built by Queen Ambika, wife of King Shiva Singha in the year 1734.  It is located in the Heart of Sibsager (or Sivasagar, as it is now called), Assam and 97 km from Dibrugarh Airport.

The word ‘Dole’ means temple in Assamese. It attracts tourists for its gigantic architectural and religious values. The walls of the temple are sculptured with statues of numerous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It is not only one of the most sacred place in North-East India, also the beauty of the place beyond words with three temples standing tall by the bank of a large pond ‘Sivasagar Tank’. It is caped seven feet high large Golden Dome on the topmost part of the dole.  This giant temple is located few feet higher than the normal town level. The other two great doles in the same campus are Vishnu Dol and Devi Dol. It is visible from most of the corners of the small town that adds real charm to the whole town. Every year these temples attract many national and international tourists to the town. Shiva Dole is pride of not only Sivasagar but also of whole Assam.

Maha Shivaratri is the most celebrated puja of this temple. Thousands of devotees come to the temple in the Shivaratri.

Unlikely any other popular Hindu Temple across India, Shive Dole carries less crowded and very calm ambience. The temple is a real place of religion and peace.