Sanwalia Ji Temple, Mandaphia

As per the say, three idols of Lord Krishna were removed from the earth in year 1840 on the bases of dream of Shri Bholram Gujjar. All three idols were identical.

First idol was installed at First temple at Mandaphia, also known as Sanwalia Ji. Mandaphia is 7 km from Bhadsora cross-roads which lies on the four-lanned highway no. 76 and is 40 km from Chittorgarh & 65 km from Dabok Airport, Udaipur.

Mandaphia is the second abode of Lord Krishna (the first one being Nathdwara). This temple of Shri Krishna is considered second only to the temple of the Lord Shrinathji at Nathdwara.The sanctity and religious atmosphere of the place is augmented by the various festivals and ceremonies organized round the year by the Mandir Mandal or by the devotees from different parts of the country. Especially, on the 11th day of Bhadra- Shukla (Dev-Jhulni Ekaadashi), the Mandir Mandal organizes a mela (fair) and a rath processesion of the Lord in which lakhs of people participate with great religious fervor and Zeal.

The temple symbolises the unflinching faith and devotion of the Vaishnavite Hindus for the Supreme Being. Thousands of pilgrims from far and near, many of them on foot, throng daily to Mandaphia to have a darshan of their Lord. In the hope of receiving divine blessings, they pray devoutly and make secret propitiatory offerings at the sacred altar of Sanwaliaji.
Their experience in the shrine, before the fascinating idol of Krishna, is spiritually so enriching that they immediately feel inspired to renounce their worldly procession for the sake of eternal bliss. It is indeed a miracle that the Lord disappoints none of his devotees–whether he comes to Him for pure spiritual joy or for celestial succor for his survival or success in the material world.

The temple is open from 0530 hrs to 1200 hrs and then 1430 hrs to 2300 hrs daily. Special Arti and Darshan timings are:

Timings Arti/Darshan
05:30 hrs MANGLA  ARTI
10:00 hrs to 11:15 hrs RAJBHOG ARTI & PRASAD
12:00 hrs to 1430 hrs REST TIME (LORD SANWALIA JI) (Temple close)
20:00 hrs to 21:15 hrs EVENING ARTI
21:15 hrs to 23:00 hrs BHAJAN & KIRTAN


Second idol was installed at Second temple at Bhadsoda-Bagund Chouraha, also known as Murti Parakatya Sthal. It lies on the four-lanned highway no. 76 and is 32 km from Chittorgarh & 65 km from Dabok Airport, Udaipur.

Third idol was installed at Third temple at Bhadsoda village, also known as Bhadsoda Sanwalia Ji. It lies 1 km from Bhadsoda cross road Chouraha.