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Today our destination was Nathdwara, which is almost half way down towards home.

After breakfast we took another tour of the campus in the car. Then we headed towards sirohi where we planned to visit Temple Street. After asking a lot of people we finally reached the street. The temples there are very old and the unique thing is there are temples within temple.

2014-11-08 09.52.20DSC_03742014-11-08 09.53.50

The idols of gods that are present in these temples are made of different stones. Each temple has minimum 4 temples inside it. It was fun exploring the temple gali of Sirohi. Then we went to golden temple. It’s in falna. Its shrine is made of gold and also the interiors are gold plated and idols inside are studded with precious stones. DSC_0518 2014-11-08 11.13.42

From there we went to kumbhalgarh fort. As we passed by Ranakpur we decided to visit the temple there though we have been there before and also have lunch at Ranakpur. The Ranakpur Jain temple is as good as delwara temple if not better.

We reached Kumbhalgarh fort around 1:45 pm. And what a fort it was!! Simply Magnificent!! It is called the “great wall of China” of India as it is second largest continuous wall in the world. DSC_0532 DSC_0527

The kumbhalgarh fort stands of so proudly marking the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. We climbed the fort to reach at the very top of it for a fabulous view of the surroundings. DSC_0552 DSC_0561 DSC_0560 DSC_0635

How much ever one looks at it, one will never be bored of it. We had lots of fun climbing the fort, clicking snaps after snaps & enjoying ourselves thoroughly.


After spending a fun afternoon at the fort, we moved on to Nathdwara where we had planned to stay at night.

Nathdwara is famous for Srinathji temple dedicated to lord Krishna.  We found it difficult to find our way to lodge through the narrow lanes of the city. By asking many people we finally reached new cottage where we had pre-booked a room. There we came to know that mandir darshan will be open from 7 pm till 7.30 pm. Hence we decided to visit the temple in the evening. Since this temple is considered very sacred among devotees of Lord Krishna, there is always a rush here. Same was the case on that evening. It was very much crowded. Though we entered through the so called vip section, it still was difficult to see the idol among so many people. The idol was really beautiful, all decked up in silk clothes and precious jewellery, Srinathji looked very surreal. After the evening aarti, we exited the temple and took Prasad which is distributed as you exit the temple.

Since it was almost 8, we decided to have dinner before going back to our room. Hence we ate at kajal restaurant. The food was average. After that we returned to new cottage. There is tea stall near the park inside the lodge area, which serves amazing tea. Tea was freshly made by adding ginger and pudina (mint) leaves.  After tea, we relaxed in the park for some time by sitting on swings. The park has swings for people from all age groups. And what can be more soothing than cool and pleasant night on a swing. Then we came back to the room and retired for the night.