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We got up at 6.30am and once we were all ready, we went to see the 5 temples of kumbhalia. Though the temples are quite old about 800 years, they are well built and well sculpted.DSC_0377 DSC_0389

The bhojanalaya there provides the best food. After very delicious and fresh breakfast we left for Jirawala. In Jirawala, there is an ancient temple called Sri Jirawala Parshavanath Temple. It houses 72 idols, mostly of Lord Parshvanth. Because the temple is being renovated the idols have shifted to another facility within the temple premises. All the idols have a serene smiling look that provides peace to one’s heart. Next stop was varman temple which also is a jain temple of ancient time.

From there we headed to Bherutarak Jain tirth. It is very well maintained with facilities to stay in the premises. The temple not only a nice piece of architecture but also very much decorated too. What captures one’s eye is the colourful lanterns hanging from the ceiling and doors giving it a royal look.2014-11-07 11.29.21

In the back drop of the temple, there are mountains of abu that highlights the scenic beauty of the place. I simply loved the temple. Even the entry gate of the Bherutarak tirth is magnificient. 2014-11-07 11.48.54

Our target for today was to reach the Pavapuri Jain tirth, where we had already booked room for the night stay. The campus of Pavapuri is huge, well maintained and beautiful. It was around 12.30pm when we reached there and it was time for lunch. We ate at the in-house bhojanalaya. It definitely was delicious, just like home made food. Then after resting for a while, we visited the art gallery which houses over 100 paintings depicting lives of different jain thirthankars.They are beautifully painted very life like. Each piece is masterpiece. It’s a must visit.

Next we visited the main temple of Pavapuri, which is another masterpiece of modern artwork. Magnificent Lord Parshvanath idol, temple with architectural brilliance is worth seeing. By the time we came out of the temple it was time for dinner i.e. before sunset (as per Jain tradition.).  At around 6pm we went for a joyride in a horse driven wagon (ghoda gadi). It took us to a tour of the whole campus. We had so much fun. After that at 6.30pm, we visited the Jal mandir which is second biggest temple of the tirth. Now it was time for evening aarti (prayer) in the main temple followed by aarti in jal temple.  When we reached the main temple bhajans were going on and aarti was about to start. It was a divine experience to see the aarti being conducted. We felt blessed. DSC_0504 DSC_0432 DSC_0417

After that we roamed around the campus seeing the lightings and clicking snaps.

DSC_0470 DSC_0458

We also went outside the gate and found that there some dhabas on the highway in case anybody wants to have food at night. Then we returned back to dharramshala and chatted for a while before retiring for the night.