Rajasthan-II Day 1

Day 1

When you explore or visit Rajasthan and you don’t visit THAR desert, it’s like you visit Kashmir and you don’t see Dal lake or you visit goa and don’t go to a beach.. So, we decided to make a trip to Jaisalmer via Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is around 370km from rawatabhata (that‘s our starting point), hence the best option to reach Jodhpur is to go by train. Thus, we started at 10am in the morning from home to reach station well before time, to be on the safer side. We were at station at 11.30am and waited in the waiting room till 12.25pm, that’s when Ranthambore express (our train) arrives. We boarded the train and after adjusting luggage we had lunch that we had brought from home.

 The train journey was fun as my cousins were also travelling with us. At Jaipur railway station, we called up the dharamshala, which we had already pre-booked, and confirmed our booking and informed him that we will be reaching after 10pm.

At 10.15pm we got off at Jodhpur station and reached the dharamshala by walking as it is only some 200-300m from the station. Then after checking in, we finalized the plan for next day and slept at 11pm as soon as hit the pillow being tired from train journey.