Pavapuri Tirth Dham (A Jain Temple)

Pavapuri The “Pavapuri Tirth Dham” temple is built by charitable family of Sanghavi Poonam Chand Dhanaji Bafana’s family’s Trust “K.P.Sanghavi Charitable Trust” in 1998.The Dham is separated in two blocks; first one is Sumati Jeevandaya Dham is also named Gou-Shala and second is Pavapuri Dham. Pavapuri Dham categorized into a Temple, Place for devotees, Mess for devotees, Dharmshala for devotees, Garden, Lake etc. The total constructional land of the Pavapuri Tirth Dham is 150 Bhiga. Inside the temple the main idol of Shri Shankheshwar Parshvanath, the 23 tirthankar of Jainism is of 69 inches. The main attraction of the Dhaam is the Temple and the Toran Gate. The green gardens improve the beauty of the campus. The whole layout is multi-step moving from low land to high pedestal representing the temple like a lion on the hillocks. The Mandap of the temple and ceiling of the sringhar chowki is beautifully arranged and well decorated with the Indian Iconographical presentation. The main idol is surrounded with Ashat Partiality (the 8 heroic presentation) and Panch Tirthi (the 5 trithankar raj) established on a pedestal (Prabhashan) carved with elephants, Yakshas and Godess.

Pavapuri is just 22 Km away from Sirohi on Kandla Highway. It is having an excellent facility to stay for the tourists. Bhojan shalla is also available for the Tourists at nominal charges. It is really marvelous temple to see. The whole campus is having Administrative blocks, Dharmshala (Inn), BhojanShala, Accommodation for saints and nuns. There is good plantation of trees, flowers and ornamental plants around the wall and inside for better environmental surroundings.

The main entrance of the Pavapuri represent three statues of the builders ancestors, one of Shri Poonam Chand Ji (father) and Smt, Kani Bahen (mother), Hajarimal Ji (brother) of Shri Babu Lal Sanghvai. The symbol cow shelter (Gau Shalla) represents on cow and calf standing in the shelter of a Kalp Vriksha.

There are three 45 RCC shelter house in 54 tin shade cow shelters. Where the cattle’s are kept in the most hygienic conditions and fed. The arrangement of fodder and rich fodder for cows is available under the supervision of the Vet nary medical team and shepherds.

More than 4500 cows are fed in the Gaushalla in the time of Scarcity and famine condition to remove the sufferings of the cows. The food and the fodder provided by the trust and kept in very suitable condition.

Shree Pavapuri temple took two and a half years to construct and around 400 artisians working daily. Pink stone is used in its construction which adds to its beauty. On February 7, 2001 a beautiful temple with 68 feet wide and 47 feet tall entrance completed and opened for worship.

Shree Pavapuri temple is very vast and has other temples also like Shree Veer Manibhadra, Shree Nakoda Bhairav, Shree Shashandevi, Shree Padmavatidevi and Kuldevi Shree Sachchiya (Ossiya) Mataji.

This pink stone Jain Tirth temple has natural surroundings.


Walk through the 68 feet wide and 47 feet tall entrance of Pavapuri Jain Temple and you enter a world of tranquility. The 1,500 feet long wall offers a cocoon like protection.
A 69 inches tall marble idol of Shree Shankheshwar Parshwanath presides over this temple complex.  Sheer beauty of this idol captivates mind and soul and leaves one in raptures, basking in the divine presence of the Lord.
The entrance of the temple has huge but traditionally unique doors. The temple also has a Kesar Kaksh (anointing room).


Chaumukha Jal Mandir Pretihatha done by Acharya Shri Hemchandraji, 6 Achary Bhagawanto, 50 monk and 150 Nun Bhagawanto of 1st May 2009 was Sampanan

The other part of the complex has temples dedicated to the family deities,which includes temples of Shree Veer Manibhadra, Shree Nakoda Bhairav, Shree Shashandevi, Shree Padmavatidevi and Kuldevi Shree Sachchiya (Ossiya) Mataji. Ma Sarsvati Mataji Temple

SACHIYA MATA – Family Goddess (Kuldevi) of Oswals:
Realizing the virtues of Param Pujya Shree Ratan Prabha Suriji, the King & the Kshatriyas of Osiya embraced Jainism as their religion and gave up the practice of sacrificing animals at the feet of Goddess Durga,  but continued to worship the Goddess, renamed as “Sachiya Mata” and the Goddess became their Kuldevi (family Goddess) signifying their place and religion.

The temple complex is dotted with small dome shaped temples standing in resplendent glory, dedicated to various venerated Gods and Goddess. The domes of these temples are adorned with gold plated Kalash, which makes the temple complex a sight to behold.

The pink temple with its golden peak gives a beautiful impression of spiritual paradise. If one views from a distance, the whole surrounding including the temple complex and the animal shelter looks like Pink City.

A garden and a lake have been constructed in the complex to add to the religious and spiritual ambience of the place.

The Tirth has a check dam which collects and stores rainwater, which in turn is used for performing Pakshals etc., conducting Pujas.

Everything in the complex has been conceived keeping in mind convenience and comfort of the devotees visiting the place so that they return home with pleasant memories, peace and tranquility.

Location and Contact details:

Shree Pavapuri Tirth – Jeev Maitridham
Krishnaganj, Kandla – Delhi Highway,
National Highway No.8,
Pavapuri, Dist. Sirohi , Rajasthan

Ph. no. – 02972-286866


–  Four Dharamshalas: (1) Yatrik Bhavan (2) ShantiVishram Gruh (3) Kanima Dharmashala (4) Goyanaka VIP Dharmashala

–  Paushadhshala for men & women
–  Bhojanshala
–  Sangh Bhawan
–  Museums and Bal Vatika (playground) for kids
–  Dharamshala and Pedi are open 24 hours a day
– Bhojanshala:

Summer Winter
Breakfast Navkarsi (Sunrise) to 9 AM Navkarsi (Sunrise) to 9 AM
Lunch 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Dinner 5 PM to 15 minutes to Sunset 5 PM to 15 minutes to Sunset

ART GALLARY OPEN from 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs.
The facilities also include wheel chairs for the aged, playground with swings for children. The Trust has taken utmost care in ensuring that the devotees return home with pleasant memories of their sacred and religious visit to the temple.


Shree Pavapuri Tirth Jiv Matri Dham is located adjacent to the sacred town of Malgaon that is blessed with the divine grace of Shree Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankara.

The temple is situated at a distance of 57 kilometers from Abu Road Railway Station and at about 22 kilometers along the Sirohi – Deesa – Kandla highway from the Sirohi District centre.
57 kms from the Abu Road Railway Station
22 kms along the Sirohi – Deesa – Kandla
145 kms from Udaipur Airport (3 hrs drive)
200 kms from Jodhpur Airport
250 kms from Ahmedabad Airport (3 hrs drive on Express Highway)

Shree Pavapuri Tirth – Jeev Maitridham
Krishnaganj, Kandla – Delhi Highway,
National Highway No.8,
Pavapuri, Dist. Sirohi
Rajasthan – 307001
Telephone: +91 2972-286866, +91 9799399111
Fax: +91 2972-286814

K. P. Sanghvi Charitable Trust,
806, Belgium Tower,
Opp. Linear Bus Stop,
Ring Road, Surat – 395003
Mobile No: +91 9427824256

K. P. Sanghvi Charitable Trust,
Pravin House, 2nd floor, 40, 2nd Bhoiwada, Bhuleshwar
Mumbai – 400 002
Mobile No: +91 9323186730