Nagda, located at 23 kilometers from Udaipur, is the former capital of the ancient Mewar. Though initially known as Naga-hrada, present day Nagda was found in the 6th century by the Nagaditya. Tourists mainly come to this part to see the ruins of the Vishnu, Shiva, Jain temples that reflect the great architecture of the past days. Of the local architectures that characterize this place the ‘Sas-bahu temple’ and the temple of ‘Adbudji’ are the most renowned.

The ‘Sas-bahu temple’ of Nagda is one of the most famous for the exotic range of carvings that mostly remind one of the relics of the great Indian epic of Ramayana. Divided in two parts the ‘Sas’ temple is lager compared to the ‘bahu’ part. Built in the 10th century this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Enjoy the exquisite octagonal ceilings of the ‘Bahu’ temple that houses eight female figurines that reflect the rich artistic skills of the ancient architecture. You can find a total of 10 smaller shrines surrounding the ‘Sas temple’ while the ‘bahu temple’ has 4 temples around it.
The other most important attraction of Nagda is the Jain temple of ‘Adbudji’. Built during the reign of Rana Kumbha the temple houses a nine foot image of the Jain saint Shanti Nath. The temple is so called because of this odd idol that is housed in this temple.
Though most of these temples in Nagda have been destroyed because of the foreign invaders the remaining parts gives every tourist an opportunity to experience the rare artistic beauty of the land. Situated in the southern part of Rajasthan and at close proximity to Udaipur, the land of Nagda plunges in amazing beauty that are represented by the architecture of the temples that is the main attraction of the place. It is mainly because of this reason that Nagda is one of the top rated options that most of the tourists think is feel is the best to opt for excursions around Udaipur.