Kumbharia Jain Temples, Ambaji

Kumbharia Jain temples built by Vimal Shah during the 12th century are five different temples dedicated to the Jain tirthankars – Mahavir, Neminath, Sambhavnath, Shantinath and Parshwanath. Artistically built with white marbles, these five temples are the only ones left out of the 360 Jain temples that were built by Vimal Shah, the minister of Bhimdev I – the Chalukya king. Just 3 kilometer away from Ambaji main temple near the state High way, Kumbharia Jain Temples cannot be left or avoided to visit. As per a legend, Mata Ambaji had suggested to Sheth Vimal Shah to build and construct 360 Jain Temples to the dedication of Jain Tirthankers, but when he was frequently asked about who had built these temples, he disregarded the holy grace of Mata Ambaji, hence Mataji became furious over Vimal Shah and destroyed all the 360 temples except 5 five which are undoubtedly marvelous jain temples, made of marbles and artistic architecture. It is said that Vimal Shah had repented for his fault and he had installed the idols of Mata Ambaji as Shashan Devi, Goddess of Empire, in his all other Jain temples, situated in Mount Abu and other places. These temples portray extensive artistic carvings of gods, goddesses, angles, horsemen and musicians.

The temples are open between 6.30am and 7.30pm daily.

This Holy Jain Temples of Kumbharia are not run by Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust (SAAMDT) but is run and administered by another Jain institute.

Kumbhleshwar Mahadev

Near Kumbharia Jain Temple there is an ancient Kumbheshawar Mahadev Temple which has been built as per Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian Science of Architecture, with wonderful pieces of architect and Holy idol Ling of Ashutosh, and Jaladhari made from marble, continuously pouring holy water on the Shivlinga.