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NathdwaraHaldighati EklingjiNadga – Rawatbhata

It was last but not the least day of our trip. We woke up at 6.30am, got ready and packed everything to start our journey back home. We brought breakfast to room from a small shop just outside the entrance of new cottage, where we were residing in Nathdwara, though small, the shop offered a variety of food items for breakfast like the very popular ‘poha’ of rajasthan, hot samosas, gujrati snacks like dhokla, fafda & gathiya, they also had delicious piping hot jalebies. After breakfast and checking out the room, we left for Haldighati, which is so named because of its yellow soil that resembles the colour of haldi(turmeric). Haldighati, historically is known as the battleground of the conflict between Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar and army of Mughal Emperor Akbar commanded by Raja Maan Singh.


We soon reached Haldighati pass. The Haldighati pass is spectacular. DSC_0661 DSC_0654

The turmeric coloured stones can be easily seen here. We stopped here for a while and clicked photographs of the same. After crossing the pass, we stopped at Maharana Pratap Smarak(memorial). It is an elevated point with a statue depicting Maharana pratap in his full glory riding his beloved horse Chetak. It provides a great view of haldighati and we had a wonderful time looking at the beauty of valley and glory of statue. DSC_0685 DSC_0697

Then we visited the Samadhi sthal(tomb) of the horse Chetak. The memorial marks the place where Chetak took his last breath.DSC_0704

We paid our tribute to the faithful horse who sacrificed his life to save the life of his master. Next destination was Rana Pratap Museum. DSC_0779

When we stepped into the museum, I felt that I have actually stepped into that glorious era of Indian History, where a patriot like Rana Pratap used to reign.

DSC_0778 DSC_0712 DSC_0711

The museum is fantastic, especially the light and sound show in which the models that portray the life of Maharana Pratap are fabulous, it feels like you are seeing the things being portrayed actually happening in front of your eyes. DSC_0720 DSC_0724 DSC_0733 DSC_0745 DSC_0738

They also have a model of Haldighati Battlefield. And the documentary they show on the patriotism and devotion of Maharan Pratap towards his motherland gave me goosebumps and filled my heart with Patriotism.

DSC_0765 DSC_0758

In the museum they also sell products made of rose extract. They even have a machine which is used to extract rose content. It was very fascinating to see such a device. DSC_0749

We bought some of the products like rose water and rose sherbet. Another unique technique in this museum is that they extract sugarcane juice by using cow force. DSC_0764

It was an entirely new experience to watch this and drink freshly prepared juice. After lots of fun, we continued our trip and reached Eklingji temple. It was built by Bappa Rawal(founder of Mewar). It is an ancient temple built around 700 A.D. the complex houses many temples besides the main temple. They are mostly of Lord Shiva which are constructed during the rule of different Rulers (Rana) of Mewar Dynasty.

After Eklingji, we stopped at Nagda where there are ruins of old temples whose engravings depict different scenes of the epic Ramayana. The carvings though ruined a bit are still marvellous, very detailed and very minute. DSC_0792 DSC_0790

There was a lake nearby that adds to the beauty of the place manifold.

DSC_0786 DSC_0788

This was our last stop for this trip. From here we drove non-stop towards home, only stopping in between for lunch on highway near Udaipur.

We reached Home sweet home at 6pm in the evening, marking the end of this wonderful journey whose memories we will cherish life long.