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Arunachal Assam Trip – Day 7

Jorhat – Nimati Ghat – River Ferry – Kamalabari ferry Ghat – Majuli Satras – Kamalabari ferry Ghat – River Ferry – Nimati Ghat – Dibrugarh Stay

Today we were going to visit Majuli, the biggest inhabited river island in the world. It is located in the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam. Initially, this island was spread over an area of about 1250 square kilometers, but due to erosion, its size has now decreased considerably to an area of about 421.65 square km only. Originally, the island of Majuli was a long and narrow piece of land, which during ancient times was known as ‘Majoli’, meaning ‘land in the middle of two parallel rivers’. It was called so because it had the River Brahmaputra flowing in its North and the River Burhidihing flowing in its South. Both these rivers met at Lakhu. During 1661–1696, frequent earthquakes occurred, which led to a momentous and destructive flood in 1750. Due to the flood, the Brahmaputra got divided into two branches, one of which continued to flow along the original channel, while the other started flowing along the Burhi Dihing channel, which lead to the formation of the Majuli Island. The island is popular as a ‘pollution free fresh water island’, and is located at a distance of about 20 km from Jorhat town.

We started at 0700 hrs from Jorhat to Nimati Ghat (15 km from Jorhat). First River ferry was at 0830 hrs to Kamalabari Ghat. This ferry transport vehicles along with passengers, but unfortunately the vehicle booking was over and no space was left for our taxi. We decided to leave taxi at this end only and asked our guide to arrange vehicle at Majuli end. Majuli is accessible by ferries only. Our guide was the young boy, who was going to his home at Majuli during Bihu holidays. He has contacted his friends at Majuli and arranged a vehicle. We enjoyed the river ghat and activities at ferry. All type of items & vehicles were being loaded on ferry. Slowly it was filling and people were going to top of ferry. Ferry started at 0830 hrs and reached Kamalabari ghat at 0930 hrs.

ferry for majuli
ferry for majuli

We enjoyed the ferry trip and view of Bharamputra. It was worth a watch.

Vehicle was ready at Kamalabari ghat. Our guide informed us that we are going to visit some of the important Satras at Majuli.
An abode of Assamese neo-Vaisnavite culture, there are many ancient Satras in the Majuli. Besides, there are several sites associated with Lord Krishna. In the 16th century, Sankardeva, the founder of Vaishnavism, a monotheist form of Hinduism, established various monasteries and hermitages across the islet, known as Satras. There are over twenty-five neo-Vaisnavite centers, the most noteworthy being the satras of Garmur, Kamalabari and Auniati. We visited all three Satras and it was totally a different experience. On a visit to the satras dating back to 500 years, we explored the rich cultural heritage of the region. The satras have preserved several articles of cultural and historical importance, which include weapons, ornaments, utensils and other artifacts. Our guide, being the local was able to show & explain us about the satras. To our surprise, he took us to the house of Shri Goswami, who is famous as a Mask maker man. We had a chat with him. It was a memorable moment for all of us. On the way to satras, he also showed & explained us about missing village and about the culture of Majuli. We had lunch at island and decided to head back. After thanking our guide and wishing him for Bihu, We boarded ferry at Kamalabari Ghat at 1400 hrs & reached Nimati ghat at 1500 hrs.

Our taxi was ready at ghat and we started for Dibrugarh (150 km). On the way, we visited Tea gardens and purchased Assam tea.

DSC_1076 DSC_1094

We reached Dibrugarh hotel at 1900 hrs. We settled the payment of taxi and had our dinner in room.

Arunachal Assam Trip – Day 6

Dirang – Seesa – Agnigarh – Jorhat Stay

 Today was the day of testing time of the taxi driver for driving & testing time for us to sit through a long journey of around 380 km. After a tasty breakfast at Awoo Resort, we started our journey at 0800 hrs. We stopped to buy different types of rajma & walnuts at Bomdila. We reached Sessa Orchid Sanctuary at 1200 hrs. It was not in a good shape. But still we found some orchids blooming.


a blooming orchid flower
a blooming orchid flower
seesa orchid santuary
seesa orchid santuary

At 1400 hrs, we stopped for lunch at Balipara. Since Agnigarh at Tezpur was closed previously when we crossed Tezpur during onward journey, we went to Agnigarh and reached at 1500 hrs.

Agnigarh is a beautiful hill top garden located beside the Brahmaputra river. It is a scenic spot to view the broad and magnificient Brahmaputra River from the hill top. Kaliabhomora Bridge can be viewed from above the hill. With well built steps running around the hill till top, Agnigarh marks the spot where the legendary battle of Sonitpur between the armies of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna took place. Garden is clean and well maintained, with beautiful and well carved statues of Usha- Anirudha and Hari-Hara battle (a mythical battle of God Hari and God Shiva), each narrating a story of its own.

DSC_0961 DSC_0972 DSC_0973 DSC_0974

It was a good place to hang out and to recharge ourselves for the journey ahead. We started for Jorhat at 1530 hrs.

After reaching Jorhat at 1940 hrs, we checked in Prashaanti Tourist Lodge, marking an end of our long and tiring journey.


We were famished and took our dinner at nearby restaurant and went to bed early.